These reports are for CHASM eyes only and not for the general public.  They are from hikes where we most likely should not be or doing things we shouldn't be doing.   LOL.

2013-03-14--Canyon 12 Across the "flats"

2013-04-06--Kuaokala to Makaha

2013-08-08--Canyon 12 Loop

2013-09-01--Pear Gulch Avocado House Site

2013-09-05--Pear Gulch Wandering w/Gene

2013-09-12--WiliWilinani Ridge in Pear Gulch

2013-10-10--Pear Gulch Wandering w/Gene and Alan

2013-10-02--Looking for native snails w/Nathan and friends.

2014-02-06--Ohikilolo Pohaku-New Trail

2014-02-13--Ohikilolo Pohaku-New Trail--Use above link

2014-03-06--The Falls of Ohikilolo

2014-03-30--Opai Falls and Pond