Native Snail Hunting w/Friends in the Southern Wai`anae Mts

Saturday 2 November 2013


These photos are meant only for the eyes of those that went on this adventure.  Please DO NOT post links to this page anywhere.


We met at and early hour, 6:30 a.m., on an overcast morning to begin the day.  There we car pooled to the trail head.  This will be mostly a picture report of our adventure.

I was cold and misty at the beginning.   "J" spotted this little guy about 10 minutes in.  Sorry bout the bad shot I think it was raining by then.

Early morning sun trying to shine through the clouds.  Pearl Harbor in the background.

Just some interesting shots of a spider web.

While waiting for some to catch up I spotted this little moth under a leaf.

And a few faceless "Happy Face" spiders.

Ah, the clouds break and a chance to show off the 42 power zoom on my camera. 


A water catchment system just off the top of Palikea.

The geodetic survey marker for Palikea.

More playing w/the zoom.  Try clicking in the upper middle of the photo.

Same thing.  Click on the "hot spot" on the right.

You can zoom in on the towers.

From Palikea we continued on along the summit trail following the fence.  It's to keep "critters" like pigs on the left side of the fence to protect native plants on the right side.

From 1965 to 1966 I was stationed here at the Naval Transmitter Site Lualualei.  Find the "hot spot" and you will see the building I worked in back then.

This is Uki`uki.  The Hawaiians used the blue/purple berries to make a dye.

This is our native Hydrangea known as Kanawao.  It's not as pretty as the ones raised on the mainland, but it's ours and no one else can claim it.

I think this is `Olapa and not Lapalapa because the leaflets are longer than wide.  Nathan is that right?   LOL 

Help.  I forgot this one.

Believe it or not his enclosure was built to protect a bunch of native snail and other bugs.  It is topped by a single strand of electrically charged wire.

Click on the hot spot for a short video of us climbing over the fence.

Here is the source of power for the electric fence.

Now for the snail photos.  This guy was covered in mud.  He got a bath for the second photo.


There is a video hot spot on these "two" snails.


A happy face spider and her eggs.

There is a hot spot on the bug in the middle.

Another video, click on the snail.

Same story on the hot spot.




Some of this snails are really small.

This is my knee brace.  During lunch I noticed a happy face spider crawling on it.  Click on him for a short video.

Know you know why we call them "Happy Face Spiders"   This guy is on my hand.

They were all put back just where they were found.

Find the hot spot for a close up.

This is a native Lobelia.  While everyone was trying to get close for a macro shot I stayed back and zoomed in.   LOL   We were now outside the snail area and heading back to the cars by a different route.

We had to climb the fence.

This is Ho`awa.

This lichen was really small may be an inch in length.

Back at Palikea I zoomed in on Mt Lahilahi, and the road going to Kolekole Pass.

I think someone said this was a "lace bug".

Fooling around w/the zoom I spotted this rock formation which I named "The Erection".   LOL

More snails as we headed back.  I walked right past them in the morning.

Looks like a millipede on this snail.

Beauty and the Beast.  Look for the hot spot.

The islands have a native violet.  Not the pretty ones you are use to seeing and very small.  This was done with the macro lens.

One of the only two dangerous parts of the trail.

The "big pohaku (boulder) section".


That's if folks, hope you enjoyed the show.