Pear Gulch Avocado House Site

Sunday September 1st, 2013


   Took of around 715 a.m. w/Gene and John for Pear Gulch.  Didn't know what Gene had planned until I saw his large back pack and asked about it.  He said he had the metal detector in it and we were going to check out the site where we found all the Avocado trees two weeks ago.  John stayed w/us until the trail to the Lookout where he left us to head up to it.  Gene and I continued up the trail we have been working on for the past two weeks.

   When we reached the site we dropped our packs, got out some digging tools and the metal detector and went to work.  We found a lot of "stuffs" which proved beyond a doubt that this had Post-Contact use.  The Avocados trees were the first hint as they are not native to the islands and the Hawaiians did not bring them on their canoes.  There are probably a dozen Avocado trees here ranging from one that must be 50 feet tall w/a trunk diameter of at least 2 feet to small seedlings only a foot tall.

   After taking the pictures and looking at them on the computer at home I thought of one more tool to bring next time.  A foot long ruler to show the size of what we found.  Just by looking at the pictures you really can't tell anything about size. 

   The pictures are not posted in the order of finds.   This we believe to be a donkey shoe as it's to small to be a horse shoe.  It was buried under about 6 inches of dirt and stuck vertically between two rocks.

On the far right is part of what could have been a metal band around something or perhaps all that's left from some kind of pot.              

The were lots of old flat sided nails, that strange round thing, a long skinny piece of metal and on the left some strange "bolt" threaded on both ends.

   Two views of some kind of wedge? Or bracket.  It's about 8" long.  This was buried about 8 inches down and under a rock that was fairly big and heavy. 

   This "S" shaped piece of iron is about 6 inches long, perhaps 1 inch wide and was found off the terrace down on the stream side.  Also buried about 4 inches deep. 

   This was on the next terrace down from what we are calling the house terrace since we found so many nails on it.  It is tin or copper about 12 inches in diameter and was folded in half and pretty much on the surface just under a lot of leafs. 

   This was found on the same terrace as the above piece.  It's about 8 inches in diameter and Gene thinks it might have been part of a kerosene lamp from things he's seen in the past on the mainland. 

   Misc. nails and a wood screw.  And then the funny shaped "thing" I thought might be some kind of key or pin. 

   Know idea what this was.  It's about 4 inches long. 

   This is about 8-10 inches long and the lower edge was quite thin.  Perhaps some kind of knife, machete? 

   Sorry bout the blurry picture.  This seems to have been a knob, like on a drawer? 

   Two metal files and the answer about the "key".  It's from a broken file that we didn't find.  No idea what the looped metal object is/was. 

   We tagged all the spots where we found objects other than nails and left everything up there but hidden from view.  Attached is a rough map showing the location of the site in Pear Gulch.