WiliWilinani Ridge in Pear Gulch

12 Sept. 2013


Yet another venture in Pear Gulch.  Between Alan and Gene early in the week and Gene and I today we have pretty much cleared Wiliwilinani Ridge to the big Wiliwili tree know as Wiliwilinani.  It is still in bloom as are at least 4 others down in Wiliwili Gulch, but not as fantastic as it was last week.

Today Gene and I cut a trail from about 200' above the first rest spot by the big rocks to the left, down to the stream and up Wiliwilinani Ridge along a path he and Alan blazed earlier this week.  Today we really cleared it and the trail we roughly marked last Thursday.

As we worked our way up from the stream bed we came across this wall.  Very rough construction.  In the back it turns to the right and heads up along the stream.

Here is a section a bit higher.  Still rough construction and not built as a terrace wall.

When we came to the crest of the ridge there is this rock work that seems to make a platform.  There is a lot of rock work hidden in the brush yet to be discovered.

Here is the latest map.  I deleted some of our exit route from last week that we decided for now will not be used.  But there is some interesting areas of rock construction there.   Right now the longest "Ramble" through the valley will be up to Lookout point, thru the native forest on the black trail switching to the white trail which still needs a bit more alignment in its upper regions.  The white trail will most likely be the exit unless we find something really interesting on the next ridge over to the north (left) next week.   Wiliwilinani Ridge has some great views of the back walls of Pear Gulch as seen in last weeks report.