Canyon 12 Across the "Flats"   

March 14th, 2013


Today we entered that "Remote Leeward Valley" to visit Canyon 12.  Today's hike went along the makai side of "Death Valley" for about 1 1/2 hours.  At that point we cut across the flats cutting open an old trail that took us into the Canyon 12 dry stream bed.  We then hiked up the dry stream bed until we entered the canyon.

This is some weed we spotted just as we crossed the road.

After about an hour we come to this interesting "pile" of rocks.  Some how to us the placement just doesn't look natural.   Could the ancient Hawaiians placed them like this?

Dan and Stanka as we paused for a break in the dry stream bed.

As we enter Canyon 12 the vertical wall rise above us.

Dan led the way as we climbed deeper into the canyon.

During our lunch break this moth took a break on Stanka's arm.

Looking down between the narrow walls all we could see were clouds.

This is the face of the guardian of Canyon 12.  Be good up there or else.

Dan and Stanka taking pictures of something.

On the far wall of the canyon are these little "caves" and it looks like someone piled up rocks in the entrance to them.

Crossed machetes in friendship.