Pre and Post Contact Sites in Wai`anae Valley


I've lived in Wai`anae Valley since 1969 when my wife and I bought our first home.  Prior to that I lived on the  Lualualei Naval Radio Station beginning sometime in 1965.  There was also a time from 1965 to 1969 when I also lived in Makaha.  That said, I have spent at least 47 years wandering in the forests of the upper valley first as a pig hunter and later as a hiker.  During those 47 years I was shown and discovered many pre and post contact sites.  The purpose of this series of web pages is to present to those interested something of the history of human occupation in the upper valley.  I don't pretend to know much more than the location of many of the sites.  There is little written history about what went on in the upper valley.  Ross Cordy wrote a book about pre-contact Wai`anae but little talk about the upper valley.  The history of the Wai`anae Sugar Plantation is from what I know secure in the hands of an ex-employee of Chin Ho, but he is not allowing me to look at it.


With that little bit of introduction let me lead you to the following pages each for a different site in the upper valley.

1-Secret Site #1

2-The Ahu

3-The enclosure

4-Secret Site #2

5-Secret Site #4