The Ahu


We believe these to be pre-contact Ahu.  These two Ahu were found about a year ago and the trail known as Water Walls and Water pass by them.  Ahu are shrines built by the early Hawaiians.  Other than that I'm not going into what an Ahu is.  We've cleared the area around them so they can be seen by hikers to appreciate what the ancients did.  The "front" ahu is pretty much intact with a few of the stones laying on the ground around it.  The "back" ahu has had many of it's stones removed by someone a long time ago.  As you will see in the pictures the "back" ahu seems to be built around a large pohaku (stone).  When I look at them I wonder if there is a large pohaku below the stones of the "front" ahu.   If so why where the pohaku covered?  Hopefully someday someone with knowledge will tell me more about them.

Again let me mention that we DO NOT DIG OR TRY TO REBUILD ANYTHING.  We only clear around objects to give them the respect they deserve and to let todays people see what was going on hundreds of years ago.

This is the Front Ahu

This is the Back Ahu.  Notice the huge Pohaku that seems to be in the center of the Ahu.