Secret Site #1


My hunting partner Mike and I stumbled upon this site way back in the 1970's while hunting wild pigs in the valley.  It was totally overgrown w/coffee and satin leaf trees.  The site is on a ridge and the two valleys to the left (looking mauka) have water tunnels.  There was a beautiful trail leading from one of the tunnels to the site.  That's how we discovered it.  There is/was also another trail leading down the ridge to the main cross valley plantation trail which the local hunters refer to as the CC trail although it was not built by the CCC but by the Wai`anae Sugar Company to allow workers to have access to many of the tunnels and other water related sites.  The Wai`anae Coffee Plantation also used this main trail as well as another at a higher elevation that also crossed the valley.

This first picture is what the site looked like back in the 1970's and even into the early 2000's when a group of hikers began to clear off the brush so we could really see what was there.

We spent a lot of time in 2008 clearing the site.  The group varied in numbers from two or three up to six or seven depending on who could make it.  We made ten trips to the site in 2008.  After some clearing it looked like this in early February of 2008.  This panorama was taken on the main terrace/level looking mauka.  We believe there was once a building on the level but more about that later.

In August of 2008 we cleared much of the next level as seen in the below panorama taken from a different location as the one above..

By February of 2009 we had most of the site cleared as you can see from the next panorama.

A month later in March of 2009 you get a wider angle below.

On the right hand side of one of the upper terraces is what we are calling a shrine.  We believe it to belong to one of the Asian religions but have no idea which.  The top rock was "placed" upon the lower one and small rocks were used to level the top one.

At this point I'd like to say that we have NOT done any digging.  We only cut back the non-native vegetation found growing there.  We did find these "old" rusty tools laying on the surface, which were probably used by the men who built the site.

Other than the above tools, these pieces of broken glass are the only "artifacts" that we found laying on the ground.