Kokio`keo`keo Ridge

Sunday March 14th, 2010


I took no pictures today, it was another rainy day like last Sunday, well almost.  The rain didn't come until we were high on the ridge.  We tried to cut into the stream valley but could not find a path through the Himalayan Blackberry vines which threatened to tear us up.  So we cut back to the ridge crest and walked out in the light rain.  Going down the stream as planned would have been dangerous with wet  ropes so it is a good thing we could not find a trail down.


There are so many of the native white hibiscus growing here that I decide to change the name of the ridge from Ka`ala Falls Ridge (which I made up last week) to Kokio`keo`keo Ridge  which is the Hawaiian name for the white hibiscus.  When there are no names on maps one has the right, well I think it's a right, to name the ridge/stream/water fall that one hikes/views.

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