Welcome to Wai`anae Steve's Hiking Page

I've been living in Hawai`i since November of 1963 and have spent most of my "free" time hunting wild boar and hiking in the Hawaiian jungles.  When hunting became to much of a hassle due to to many hunters I switched to just hiking.  During the week since retiring I've hiked w/a group know as the HOOTS, other times w/another group know as THE SOLEMATES.  In 2005 I began hiking most Wednesdays w/my buddy Dan who lives just one valley away.  In time our twosome grew to include Jane, Stanka, Alan and Joseph on a regular basis.  Sometimes others come along and help.

I spend most Sundays clearing trails w/the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club's trail clearing crew.  Since joining the club in 2001 I've hiked places I'd never been before.

I retired in 2004 and along with my friends we have adopted most of the trails in Wai`anae Valley.  We keep them open for both the hikers and hunters who frequent the valley.


In many cases the hikes here require permission to hike the trails.  Just because I tell about my adventures on these trails I am by no means urging anyone to follow in my foot steps. 


Trail Maps


Native Plants Along O`ahu's Trails


Trails I've Hiked on O`ahu


Guide to Moanalua Valley


Guide to Ka`ena Point Hike along the Wai`anae Coast


Securing Kahtoola Cleats To Your Boots


In the past I've had a few different hiking pages, one for each group I have hiked with.  In April of 2007 I decided to combine them all into one page.  That way it will be easier to find information about a hike, and I hope I'll begin to post pictures and stories again.  That's something I just about gave up gave up for one reason or another in December of 2004.

So far I have three tables of hikes, each table covering a five year period.  The latest hikes will be in the first or upper table.

Month 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
January 01-Punanaula Heiau

02-Kaena Point

03-Kawai`iki TM

04-Nuuanu/Manoa w/Chenay

05-Wai`anae w/Jill

06-Kaena Point

07-Water Walls & Water TM

08-Water Walls & Water HTMC

09-C-Rider Falls

01-Hamakua March

02-Ka`ena Point

03-Pear Gulch

04-Pear Gulch

05-Pear Gulch
February 10-Pueo  Falls




14-Ka`alaStreamRope Check-Ramble
06-Ohikilolo Pohaku

07-Ohikilolo Pohaku
March 15-Wa`anae Wandering w/Stanka

-Ka`ala Stream Clearing Pt. 1 & 2

17-Canyon 12 w/Dan & Stanka

18-Kanewai Kalo Dam #2

19-CRider Falls w/Alan and Liz

20-Ka`ala Summit TM w/HTMC

Ka`ala Stream Clearing Pt. 1&2

22-Iliahi Clearing w/HTMC
08-Falls of Ohikilolo Loop

09-Mystery Bunker

10-Opai Falls/Pond
April 23-Kanewai Kalo Dam #2

24-Kuaokala to Remote Location

25-Camp Site

26-HTMC-Ka`ala Hike-Ramble

27-Camp Site

28-Camp Site

29-Ka`ala Falls

30-Camp Site
May 31-Punanani Loop

32-Ka`ala Falls-Wai`anae Ramble

33-Wai`anae Saddle Cross-Over

34-Camp Site

35-Ramble-Lualualei Side

36-Camp Site

37-Camp Site

38-Camp Site

39-Camp Site

40-Canyon 12

18-Pueo Falls

June 41-Camp Site

42-Wai`anae w/Malia and Family

43-Lanihuli-HTMC TM
Haha Ridge
Lama Lookout
Iliahi West
Lama Lookout
July 44-Canyon 12

45-Canyon 12

46-Kaipapa`u HTMC TM

47-Remote Leeward Valley

48-Pear Gulch Ramble
Auguest 49-Waimalu Ditch HTMC TM

50-Canyon 12

51-Kawai`iki HTMC TM

52-Remote Leeward Valley

53-Wailupe Loop HTMC TM
September 54-Pear Gulch House Site

55-Pear Gulch Stream 2 Wiliwili Ridge

56-Wiliwili Ridge

57-RLV-Kumaipo Trail- RLV-Tiki


October 60-Wiliwili Ridge

61-Pear Gulch Ramble

62-Pear Gulch Ramble w/Bob

63-Waimea Valley North

64-Halapepenui fm Waimano

65-Olomana Express
November 66-Palehua

67-Kalauau Stream

68-Pear Gulch Ramble Final Ridge
December 69-Wiliwili Ridge 2 Lantana Trail

70-Ka`ena Point

71-Wiliwili Ridge 2 Lantana Trail

72-Haka's Trail

Month 2009 2010 2011 2012  
January Makaha Coffee Site`

Wai`anae Ka`ala TM

Billy Goat Trail-Makaha

Kuolani-Waianu TM

Makaha Coffee Site

1-Water Works TM


3-Exploring Below Ka`ala

4-Pu`u `O Kona

5-King Kong Summit

6-Ka`ala Left




05-Ka`ala/Kumaipo Streams

06-MananaRidge TM

07-Crider Fall TM

08-Hobb's Ridge


02-Wai`anae Bananas

03-WWW TM w/Jill


05-WWW TM w/Laura



08-3 Trails Loop Wai`anae
February Wai`anae Ka`ala

Secret Site

Makaha Exploring (King Kong)

Kuolani-Waianu Loop

Makaha High Coffee House

Waimano Ridge TM

Kamiloiki Ridge

7-Tiki Cross Over

8-Wai`anae Kai TM

9-Wai`anae Bananas

10-Gene's Treasure Hunt

11-Wai`anae Kai Loop w/HTMC

09-Lower Water Works TM

10-Upper Water Works TM

11-Kaena Point

12-Hui Stream

13-Water Works Hike

14-Moanalua-Jaskulski Solemates

15-Pu`u Kaaumakua TM
09-WWW Trail Marking

10-HTMC WWW hike

11-CRider Falls w/Goonie Girls

12-HTMC Ka`ala Clearing

13-Ala Ala Wai Nui Site

14-Secret Site 1 Clearing

15-Wai`anae Tunnel Clearing


Tiki Ridge TM

Tiki/Wai`anae Kai Loop

Wai`anae Exploring w/Ibra

Konahuanui TM

12-Wai`anae Ramble CW w/Solemates

13-Ka`ala Falls Ridge

14-Kokio`keo`keo Ridge

15-Secret Site Two

16-Secret Site Two Again

17-Wai`anae Wandering

18-Walls and Water(Start)

19-Walls and Water(End)
16-Ka`ala Stream

17-Ka`ala Stream Again

18-Tiki TM

19-King Kong

20-Tiki Hike-Solemates

21-Pueo Falls

22-Wai`anae Bananas

23-Looking for 3 Corners

24-Secret Site #2 
16-Red Rock - Las Vegas

17-Water Works w/7D Hikers

18-Secret Site 1 - Banana Tree

19-Tiki Towers

20-Tiki/Wai`anae Kai Loop

April Wai`anae Water Works TM-1

Wai`anae Water Works TM-2

Hobb's Ridge

Wai`anae Water Works Hike

Lualualei Lookout TM

Blue Diamond Road Las Vegas

Kumaipo Trail TM

Godek-Jakulski Loop

Pueo Falls

20-Makaha Waterfalls

21-W Cubed Connector Right

22-W Cubed Connector Left

23-Connectors Connected

24-Secret Site Really

25-More Water & Walls

26-Kumaipo 2 Makaha Towers
25-Looking for 3 Corners

26-Secret Site #2 Clearing

27-Water, Walls & Water

28-Maunawili Falls

29-Looking for Satin Leaf Fruit

30-Hobb's Ridge to Mt. Ka`ala

31-Secret Site #2 Clearing

21-Secret Site #1-Coconut

22-WWW Left

23-Secret Site #3

24-MiddleTrail W/Tony

25-Kaena Point

26-Wai`anae Ramble TM

27-Star Trek 2 Hobbs Ridge
May Dupont-Kaala-Waianae

Palm Valley Extension

Mariners Ridge Geocaching

Star Trek TM 1

027-W Cubed TM 5 May

028-W Cubed Polishing 9 May

029-W Cubed ByPass Trail
32-3 Corners to Mokuleiea

33-Secrert Site #2 Clearing

34-Secrert Site #2 Clearing

29-Ka`aikukai Trail 2 WST

30-WWW Wandering (self)

31-Waiau TM (HTMC)

32-Wai`anae Ramble TM

33-Aiea Ridge TM

34-Secret Site #3

35-Marking the Ramble

36-Kaena Point w/Anthony

37-Water Works w/Anthony

38-Lanikai Pill Boxs w/Anthony
June Pu`u O`Kila TM

Mt. Ka`ala Geocaching

Father's Day

Rambling w/Stanka

Placing Gene's Treasure

30-W Cubed Completed

031-W Cubed Again

032-Secret Site Two

033-Waimea Valley TM

034-Father's Day-Small Mt.

035-Kauaopuu Loop

036-Konahuanui w/HTMC

037-Wai`anae Trail Clearing
35-Wai`anae Ramble TM

36-Wai`anae Ramble HTMC

37-Kanewai Stream Work

38-Ka`ala Stream TM

39-Secret Site #2 Clearing

40-3 Corners-King Kong Loop

39-WWW w/Anthony

40-Wai`anae Ramble HTMC

41-Wai`anae Burn - 1

42-Wai`anae Burn - 2

43-Wahiawa Hills

44-Wai`anae Burn - 3
July Wai`anae Ramble Part 3

Castle Trail TM

Makaha Treasure Hunt #2

Charlie Fat's Camp

Clearing Charlie Avocado Patch

Looking 4 Pritchardia martii

Small Mt-2-Charlie Fats

038-ChainSaw WWW Right

039-ChainSaw WWW Middle

040 Punana`ula Heiau/CRiderFalls

041 Avocados @ Charlie Fats

042 ChainSaw WWW Left

043 Lanihuli TM

044 Water, Walls & Water 28 July
42-Kalauao Loop

43-Secret Site #2 Clearing


45-Wai`anae Kai Loop

46-Wai`anae Banana Hunt

47-Secret Site #2 Clearing

48-Halawa Ridge TM-HTMC
45-Wai`anae Burn - 4

46-Wai`anae Kai TM

47-Water Works w/Baron

Waimano Falls/Pools

49-Kalalula Pond Building

50-West Side Caves

51-Wai`anae Banana Hunt

52-Wai`anae Kai TM Day 2

August The Great Pumpkin

Star Trek

Star Trek

045 Wai`anae Wandering

046 Kalalula Stream

047 Kumaipo Trail

048 Star Trek Trail

049 Pear Gulch

050 Hobb's Ridge

051 Ka`ala Falls
49-Secret Site #2 Clearing

50-WaterWalls&Water TM

51-Secret Site #2 Clearing

52-Ka`ala Stream

53-Follow the Water-Wai`anae

54-Follow the Water-Wai`anae

55-Ka`ala Stream/Falls
53-WWW Backwards


55-Water Works Again

56-Wai`anae Kai TM Day 3

57-Makiki Hike

58-Chinaman's Hat


60-Lower Waimano

61-Wai`anae Kai TM Day 4

Septmeber Lualualei Lookout Loop

CRider Falls

Olomana Hope

052-Papala Kepau Stream

053-Waimalu Ditch

054-Upper Ekaha Stream


056-Secret Site #2

057-Mt Ka`ala TM

058-Secret Site#2

059-Tripler Ridge TM

060-Secret Site #2

061-Mt Ka`ala Hike

062-Secret Site #2

063-Secret Site #2

064-Secret Site #2
56-Buffalo River Arkansas

57-Secret Site #2 Clearing

58-Kalaeloa Hawaiian Sites

59-Secret Site #2 Clearing

63-Remote Leeward Valley

64-Wai`anae Kai TM Day 5

65-Kanewai Kalo Dam #2

66-Follow the Water

67-Wai`anae Kai Loop HTMC

68-Ka`aikukui Clearing


70-Kanewai Kalo Dam #2 Again


Pritchardia martii again

Pear Gulch Trip 1

Wai`anae Ramble TM

Ramble Junctions

Pear Gulch Trip 2

Kumaipo Avocados

Pear Gulch Trip 3

Rambling w/Solemates

Fractured Toe-No Hikes  :-( 60-Secret Site #2 Clearing

61-Secret Site #2 Clearing

62-Kahana Ditch Trail

63-Water Works TM

64-Water Works TM

65-Wai`anaeRamble CW
November King Kong Re-visited

Above King Kong

Secret Site

Pear Gulch Trip 4

065-Secret Site #2

066-Tunnel #9


068-Wai`anae Wandering-Mike

069-Wai`anae Wandering -Gene


071-Wandering Wai`anae - Dan

072-Keaau Ridge-Ohikilolo Valley

67-Pear Gulch & Gene's Site

68-Kauaopuu Ditch TM

69-Kauaopuu Loop

70-Pauoa Woods TM-HTMC


72-Hamama/Waihee Falls
December Iliahi Ridge TM

CRider Bananas

Halapepe Nui

073-Keaau Ridge Again

074-Wai`anae Ramble CCW

075-Kaunala Kai TM

076-Wai`anae Ramble CW

 077-  WWW - (Rained Out)
73-Kaena Battery

74-Death Valley TM

75-WaterWorks w/Baron

76-Death Valley TM#2

77-Rambling With Jill

78-Water Works-Solemates


Month 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
January Wa`ahila

Moanalua Valley



Wahiawa Hills

Wa`ahila Ridge

Waimalu Ditch/Tunnel


Koloa Kaipapa`u

PoamohoTunnel Part 1






Wai`anae Water Works

Tunnel #14-Small Mt. By Pass

Kea`au Ridge

Secret Site

Palm Valley

Nuuanu Pali Geocaching

February Pauoa Woods



Palehua Loop (T.M.)

Palehua Club Hike




Makaha Tunnels

Moanalua Valley

Secret Site 13 Feb

Palm Valley

Waimano Ridge

Secret Site


March Kahuku X Malaekahana

Palihua Loop

Ulu Paina

Wailupe Loop

Pu`u Keahi a kohoe

Kaipapa`u Gulch

  CRider Falls Waterworks Clearing
April Pu`u O`Kila

Pu`u Manamana






  Mt. Ka`ala

Wai`anae Ramble (CW)


Wai`anae Ramble

Kealia - Bal

Wai`anae Tunnel #9

Makaha Deep Tunnel #10

Wai`anaeTunnels 27 April

Makaha Canyons

May Bowman Wai`anae Ka`ala


Harmon Falls in Makaha

Mt. Olympus


Koloa Gulch

  Bal's Flag - Kamaileunu

Tiki Ridge May 16th

Mt. Ka`ala


June Pauao Ridge

Wailupe Loop

Schofield Waikane

`Aiea Ridge

Pu`u Manamana


  Hobb's Ridge

Pua`a Nui June 10th

Pua`a Nui June 20th

Hobb's Ridge

Punanani Loop


CRider Falls

Tiki 22 June

Skull Rock

July MananaRidge


    Tiki July 1st

Star Trek (the 4th)


Wai`anae Ramble TM

Hobb's Ridge

Secret Site Wai`anae

Secret Battery O`ahu

Halapepenui TM

August La`ie



Aiea Ridge

Pupukea Summit

  `Iliahi Ridge

Koloa Gulch

Wai`anae Water Works

Pu`u O Kona

Waimalu Uka


CRider Falls


Wai`anae Ramble Clearing Trees

Wai-Wai Loop

Poamoho Tunnel

Star Trek 22 Aug.

Knife Ridge Makaha

Star Trek 29 Aug

Secret Site 6 Aug.

Kaipapa`u Gulch HTMC

Halawa Ridge TM

Pu`u Kaua

September Ka`aumakua   Lanihuli


Star Trek 2 Sept

Poamoho Tunnel

Kaena Point

Manana Ridge

Moanalua Middle Ridge

CriderFalls 26 Sept

Star Trek 3 Sept

Secret Site

Lualualei Lookout

Lualualei Lookout

Secret Site

Makaha Canyons Loop

Lualualei Loop

Palehua Loop

October Wai`anae Loop





    Star Trek 3 Oct

Pauoa Woods

Wai`anae Ramble



Halawa Ridge

Waianae Water Works Clearing

Wai`anae Water Works +

Secret Site Number Two

WaterWorks w/Solemates

Wai`anae Ramble TM

Wai`anae Ramble HTMC

Makaha Long Tunnel

Secret Site

November Pu`u O Kona

Manana Ditch

CRider Falls - Wai`anae   Waimano Ridge



Palm Valley

Laie X/O Malaekahana

Makaha Low Tunnels

Secret Site

Makua Valley

Wai`anae Tunnels

December       Wai`anae Water Works

Palm Valley

Small Mt. Bypass



Waimalu Ditch TM

Makaha Canyon Loop

Pauoa Woods Loop

Wai`anae Wandering

Makaha Sites


Wai`anae Secret Site



Month 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003
January Kaena Point Kaena Point Kaena Point

Mount Olomana

Kaena Point

Hobb's Ridge

Lulumahu Falls

Kaene Point

Kaua`opu`u Loop



February   Kua`okala Kuliou`ou Ridge

Aiea Ridge

Waimano Summit

Makapuu LighthouseWhale Watching

Malaekahana Loop

Godek/Jaskulski Ridge

Hau`ula Uka Loop

Makapuu Lighthouse

Kaua`opu`u Loop



March   Ko`olaupoko Wa`ahila Ridge Kaau Crater/Summit

Waimalu Ditch

Lulumahu Falls

Kipapa Ridge Trail

Pauoa Woods

Pauoa Woods

Kahuku X 2 Malaekahana

April   Waimalu Ditch Wa`ahila Ridge Wahiawa Hills

Onikiniki/Small Waimalu Loop

Wailupe Loop



May   Hawai'i Loa Ridge Ka`au Crater Wailupe Loop

Kalawahine/Nuuanu Trail

Papali Uka

Tripler Ridge 

Pauau Ridge

Polipoli Camp

Tantalus Ramble

June   3 Poles Waianae KahanaValley Loop Waiau Ridge


Kahana Valley Loop

Kaipapa`u 3Ridge Loop

Schofield Waikane

Mt. Ka`ala

Kulepeamoa Loop

July   Lyon Arboretum Aiea Ridge Halapepe Nui Loop

Papali Loop


Laie Summit



Kahana Valley Loop

Schofield Waikane

August Pali to Likelike Waimano Ridge   Konahuanui

Up WaimanoRidge Down Waiau Ridge

Pupukea Summit

Kaipapa`u Gulch

Makua Rim

Wai`anae Kai

Pu`u Ka`aumakua

September Kalauao Mount Ka`ala Halawa Ridge Onikiniki/Sm.Waimalu Loop

Kaipapa`u Gulch

Up La`ie Trial Down Malaekahana Trail

Kipapa Ridge Trail

Pu`u Ohulehule

Pupukea Summit

Halawa Ridge

October Manana Ridge Makapuu Lighthouse Ho`omaluhi Park



Tripler Ridge

Pu`u O Kona


November     Halapepenui Trail MananAhrnsDitchLoop

Wai`anae Sm. Mt. Loop

Pu`u O Kila

Waimalu Ditch


Pu`u Manamana

Manana Ditch

December     Moanalua Valley  Wa`ahila Ridge


Likeke Uka

Kalihi Uka

Waimalu Ditch/Tunnel