The Birth of a Palm Terrace

June-Aug 2005

I had a nice sloping piece of land way in the back of my property.  It was covered with tall weedy grass and an old building that the termites ate to submission.  There was also growing scrub trees which would provide shade for the palms until the "real" over story could grow.

This first Panorama was taken after doing a lot of work on June 9th, 2005.  Remember to use the horizontal scroll arrows to see the whole picture.  You can see what's left of the "building" on the left and to it's right the beginnings of a terrace.  Behind is the hill covered in that tall now dead grass.  On the extreme right is a "drainage" ditch to catch water from the higher land on the far right which is not mine but gravity says the water will become mine when it rains hard.

The second panorama taken on July 1st 2005 shows a lot more work done.  The lower terrace is much larger and in the back you can see long terraces running from left to right.  I've only been working in the late afternoon till dark as it's so darn hot here during the day.  The rectangle on the left is drawn around a skinny "Lemon Gum" tied to a bamboo stake.  It's about 6 feet tall.  The one on the right is drawn around a "Monkey Pod" that has been in the ground for about a year.  It too is about 6 feet tall.