Kawai`iki Trail T.M

Sunday January 13th, 2013

Hike #3 -- 14.9 miles this year


First trail clearing of the year w/the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club.  This hike is on private property and permission was obtained by the club for access and clearing.  We met in Hale`iwa and truck/suv pooled to the trail head approximetly 6 miles from the beach.  There we walked about 7 tenths of a mile on a paved road before making a turn on to a short dirt road and then the trail.  The trail follows an old "ditchman" access trail to a dam on Kawai`iki Stream that was built to divert water from the stream into a ditch system so the sugar cane grown by the Waialua Sugar Company could be irrigated.  The plantation closed down some years ago due to the cost of growing sugar here compared to places around the world w/cheaper labor and other expenses.  The ditch system is still being used to supply water to "new" crops grown on some of the former sugar land.  I saw fields of corn and bananas that day.


Here is a short video I made of the day's adventure.  Sorry no map or still pictures.


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