Kaena Point

Wednesday Januayr 9th, 2013

Hike #2 -- 8.3 miles this year


Today a small group decided to hike out to Kaena Point and perhaps meet the Solemates who were hiking out from the North Shore.  There was Tony, and the two Terries and myself.  Once at the fence I would climb up to an old military bunker to re-hide a missing Geocache.  This is the story in pictures.  The trail is an old rail road right of way.  Up on top of the mountains is an Air Force Tracking station w/many antennas. 

Thousand of years ago there was a much higher sea level.  The next two photos are of sand stone above the trail left by the higher ocean level.

There are many interesting view along the trail like this sea arch.

And a few of the rail road ties that the termites haven't yet eaten.

This native plant is Iliahialo`e or Coastal Sandlewood (Santalum ellipticum).

I left Tony and the ladies when we reached the fence and began climbing along the trail to the bunker.  I passed a number of this plant know as Naio or False Sandlewood.

This is the entrance to the bunker where I would hide the Geocache.  The cache is called The Northwest Entrance to the Underworld.

This is the Geocache continer.

Inside the bunker is an old rusty ladder reaching up to a "building" higher on the ridge.

Here is a panorama of the point looking north.  This whole area as fenced off to keep dogs, rats, and mongoose out as they all will kill native birds which are protected w/in the fenced area.  It's a nature preserve.

This is what the fence looks like.

To enter the preserve you go through this gate w/double doors that are spring loaded to close when you let go.

Here is one of the Albatross  sitting on his/her nest. 

Some dude w/a camera and lens that probably costs more than two of my SS checks.  He's off the trail taking pictures.  I hope he had a permit.

The albatross can be seen flying around as well as sitting on the eggs.

The Hawaiian Monk Seal is another of the protected animals at the point.  None were around today.

The surf was pounding today.  This wave is at least 10 feet high.

Some kind of little fish in a tide pool.

This is the hill I climbed to hide the cache.  I went just below the lowest of the white buildings.  I missed the Solemates as they were out at the point while I was on the mountian and taking different paths, I was at the point while they were climbing the mountain.  LOL

ON the way back home the waves were pounding along the shore.

After the hike we sat around at Tony's house sucking up a few beers and just relaxing.  Just another "shitty day in paradise".  To bad about you folks freezing your buts off this January on the Mainland.  LOL

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