Punanaula Kalo Loi

Sunday January 6th, 2013

Hike #1 - 2.3 miles total


For the first hike of the new year I headed out into Wai`anae Valley to re-mark an old trail leading to Punanaula Stream and it's Kalo Loi.  Today I would be alone as the rest of the crew had other plans.  I began walking up the paved road and just shy of the first well I headed into the bush.  Up to the early 2000's this trail was used by hunters and Wai`anae High students working on the Punanaula Heiau.  For some reason they no longer work there and it seems the hunters have given up on this trail.  Perhaps because of the cattle that crossed the broken down fence go in the way of their pig hunting. 

Any way happy to report that the fence is back up and looks to be quite strong.  It was even moved so that the Heiau was no longer on the ranch where cattle could continue to erode it.  I spotted this butterfly as I walked up on the road. 

Old plantation tunnel #16 is still there, but the entrance is slowly being blocked by nature.

Here is the Kalo Loi looking so much better now that the cattle are not wandering through it.  Had my lunch there under the shade of the Java Plum trees.

Just a small portion of the Heiau.  Most of it just looks like a grassy field.   Some Hawaiian group needs to adopt it and perhaps bring it back to it's former glory.  Remember if you visit the place to show respect, the same as if you were entering a church or other holy place.

Some of the bones from one of the "invasive" cows.   Good riddance.

This is a rough map.  For some reason I deleted the track from my GPS before saving it.

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