Wai`anae Kai TM Day 5

Wednesday September 5th, 2012

Hike # 64 - 293 Miles This Year


On the 4th day of working this trail I left my pick and rake just below the ridge leading up to the Kamale`unu crest.  Today along w/Louise and a young friend who's name I can't remember headed up to collect the tools and do some more ground work.

It began to rain slightly as we headed up the paved road and continued onto the jeep road above the second well.  We took a short break at the shelter and made it there in 43 minutes which is pretty good when you figure we stopped for at least 2 minutes at the second well to catch our breaths.

As we entered the forest along the trail towards 3 Poles it began to rain harder.  We broke out rain coats but got wet inside from the heat our bodies generated causing us to sweat.  Well at least it was warm wet.  LOL

When we reached the fork in the trail where the right fork goes up to 3 Poles we turned left on to the Ancient Kumaipo Trail.  We followed it until we came to Kumaipo Stream.  There we headed down stream to where the tools were hidden.  The rain stopped and we began to level the sloping trail at that point.  It was nice to have the ladies along to do the raking while I pounded away w/the pick.

After finishing that spot we packed up the tools and headed down to the Jack Fruit Tree where I again hid the tools.  There we ate our lunch and headed back to my truck.  This was a short hike we were at my truck about 12:30 p.m. but we pretty much finished the needed ground work on the trail.  Sunday the 16th HTMC will be hiking and I expect at least 30 people to show.

Here is a link to a short video showing the before and after views of the trail work done today.


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