Wai`anae Kai Loop TM Day #4

Sunday August 26th, 2012

Hike # 61


Today Liz and I hiked up Kumaipo Stream to where I hid my tools the last time.  From there we fixes 2 different sections as well as the last blow down.

Forgot to take the Before photo.

This section of the trail had all but been washed away.  The trail had been diverted into the stream as the original path was to narrow, about 5-6 inches in places w/a drop off of about 4 feet into the rocky stream bed.

Liz manned the rake, or should I say womened the rake while I bit into the upper bank to widen the trail.


Here is the finished product. No need to rock hop in the stream anymore.

On the way back to my truck I took this picture of a temporary corral.  I guess someone is getting serious about getting the cattle out of the valley.

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