Wai`anae Kai Loop TM Day 2

Sunday July 29th, 2012

Hike # 52 = 583 miles


The rest of the gang was busy doing other things, so I took off on my own to do more "ground" work on the Wai`anae Kai Loop.  HTMC  will be hiking it on September 16th and I'm trying to get it ready.  There is some "blow down" that needs to be cut, but can be walked around.  So I'm concentrating on the foot path and making it safer by making it a little wider and flatter in areas along the stream w/drop offs.

I don't mind hiking alone on easy trails w/no real danger because during the times I take a break I get to look around and take in the sights.  These are times when I tend to look "up" at the branches above me instead of looking at the ground I'm walking on.  Here are some pictures I took today.

I love looking up into the curving branches of Kukui Nut trees.  So many interesting shapes.

While taking a snack break I spotted this tiny pink flower on some sort of ground cover.

During my lunch break I again gazed up and this was the view.

Notice the HEART?

I worked on the trail up till lunch.  After lunch I hide my tools for the next time and continued up Kumaipo Stream.  When I was here last I noticed some Lonomea trees growing along the stream.  What brought them to my attention was the many fruit (non-edible) laying on the ground.  That skinny "stick" in the middle of the picture is a young Lonomea.  Somewhere higher on the ridge is the "mother" that is dropping seeds.

For the past few years I've  been marking native plants from time to time with these yellow and red ribbons.  I chose that color because it reminds me of the beautiful feather capes the Hawaiians use to make for the Ali`i.


I found two Lonomea trees and labeled them both.  Farther up the valley I spotter a Mamake tree and a number of Papala trees.  Sorry no pictures of them, but I did tie on ribbons w/the names.

One of my Geocaches has been marked missing by the last 4 searchers.  This is going back to November of 2010.  I went to check and low and behold it's still there.  Same exact spot where I placed it.  Guess they didn't look hard enough or their GPS units are way off.  Here it is w/the date stamp on it to show it's still there.

While doing the ground work I took some before and after videos.  You can see them HERE.

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