Waimano Falls & Pools

Tuesday July 17th, 2012

Hike #47 - 238 miles


I was invited by Chenay and Mona to join them on a hike to the Waimano Falls above Pearl City.  Now Tuesday is usually my day to bowl, but lets see.  I can go bowl w/a bunch of really old folks, or I can hike w/two cute young ladies.  Hmmmmmmm, think I'll pick the hike.

There was a bit of a traffic back-up at Kunia Road so I took the exit there and drove thru Waipahu.  Much better even w/a dozen traffic lights.  Traffic was light and I arrived at the top of Komo Mai Drive only 15 minutes late.  Quickly I put on my boots and headed to the gate to join the two ladies.  Bingo, there besides the ladies was the famous Rainbow Man, Laredo.

We started on the Manana Trail and walked for about 1/2 mile on an old bumpy paved road which ended at a water tank.  From there the dirt trail began and we walked about another 1/2 mile on the trail to a point where the trail forked.  The extreme left would continue on the Manana Trail, the middle would take you to the falls but on a section with a million exposed roots which in some places seemed like a flight of stairs.  The extreme right is a contour trail that also leads to the falls.  Total distance to the falls is about 1 1/2 miles.

Here is a map I made of the route.

It was worth the hike down to see these falls.  We would have jumped in the water but right after we came to the stream over a dozen young kids and some military guys showed up.  They were have a ball, but making to much noise for us so we went to the top of the falls for a little quite.

 They were have a ball, but making to much noise for us so we went to the top of the falls for a little quite. 

There were a bunch of Heliconia growing on the bank above the falls.  Simply beautiful.

As were my hiking companions, Chenay and.......

Mona, but not Laredo!   LOL

Thanks to digital cameras group shots can be taken.

I also made a short video that you can see here. 

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