Star Trek to Hobb's Ridge

Sunday April 29th, 2012

Hike #27 - 144 miles this year


This hike for me has been in the plans since the summer of 2007 when I spotted a possible route up to the twin peaks at the extreme right side of Wai`anae Valley.  That day I was hiking on Hobb's Ridge w/Dan when I saw what looked like a "path" between the vertical walls of the Wai`anae Pali.  It took a group of us an number of trips finding the way up to the summit of the twin peaks.  The first people to summit that we know of were/are Dan, Mike, Jean and myself.  HERE is a link to that story.  As we climbed higher and higher we saw no sign that humans had ever been there.  Signs usually mean branches that have been cut by humans.  Since it looked like no one had climbed here we gave it the name STAR TREK after the TV series who's theme was "to go where no man had been before".

Once to us that the Star Trek path was finalized we then wanted to go along the Wai`anae Summit to Pu`u Kalena the second highest peak on the island at 3500' and then on to Hobb's Ridge at 3200' and descend Hobb's.  This was first done earlier this year while I was sick by Dan, Dave, Stanka, and Tony.  Later Alan and Gene did it.  Now finally it was my turn.  Gene and I led this hike and invited others not from the usual crew.  Today along w/Gene and myself were Chase, Pete, August, Laredo, Duc, Rosie Dave W and Lei.

Here is a picture I took of the approximate route up to Star Trek.

Deep in the valley we came to this vertical wall that we went around.  We had Chase pose as if he was going to climb the vertical wall.

The path to the summit is very steep, but there are enough switch backs to make it not to "crazy".  The elevation gain to the summit of Star Trek is 2200' as we start at 600 foot and go up to 28. As you can see from the first photo we top out somewhere between the twin peaks.  We then head left to the 2900 foot summit of the left peak. 

Between the left peak and Pu`u Kalena there is a saddle and we loose about 200' there.  From the saddle to Kalena it's a climb of aprox. 700'.  In the past there has been some talk about measuring elevation w/either a GPS or an altimeter watch.  As you can see from this photo my GPS unit is RIGHT ON the money showing Pu`u Kalena at 3500'.  It took me 4 hours to get there.  The "young" kids beat me by at least 10 minutes.

The weather was somewhat nasty.  We had a light rain most of the day.  You'll notice a lack of distant photos showing the views from the WST because we couldn't see more than 150' in front of us.  The summit is loaded w/rare native plants and I would have taken many more pictures if it wasn't raining.  Here is the beautiful yellow ohia, we also saw the usual red and the rare orange as well.

About 6 hours after starting we were down to the 1600' level on the Wai`anae Ramble trail.  It finally stopped raining.  Here we split up.  Gene wanted to show the group some water falls on the way out.  I just wanted to get out, so I took a "short cut" and was back at my truck in another hour.  The others showed up about 20 minutes later.  Well most did, Pete, August, and Dave some how got "lost" by not sticking w/the others and after finding themselves on the top of "Small Mountain"  bushwhacked their way to the paved road and in time to the truck.

Everyone seemed to have had a good time despite the weather.  Here is a video I put together telling our story.


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