Water, Walls and Water TM with Laura

Sunday January 15th, 2012

Hike #5 - Total miles for year = 24


Recovering from a hiking fall Laura came out to work on the WWW trail w/me.  This would put little strain on her ankle.  We hiked up the 4 WD road on the right side of the valley until we came to the Ramble Trail.  We took it to and "inter-cepter" trail that took us to the portion of the WWW that needed ground work.  It's the same spot that Jill and I did last Sunday.  Lucky me, getting to hike with different women each close to half my age. Along the way we passed this pig skull in a tree.

  The below two photos show the ground we worked on.  The first is the way Jill and I left it after an hour and a half of labor.  The second shows today's progress after an additional hour and 20 minutes.  I think we can declare this section DONE!

The above pictures show the trail looking down slope.  Then next is looking up slope.

And here is Laura and the finished trail.

Since it was only about 11 a.m. I took Laura on a tour of the upper valley.  First on a section of the WWW trail where I spotted these TINY pepperomea's growing on a log.  The Hawaiians called this plant ʻAlaʻala wai nui.  The leafs are smaller than the finger nail on my pinky.  I don't know if it's a native or not.

Here is a map of our trek.  The ground work was along the early section of the white dotted line.  We hiked CCW today.  Once we hit the paved road I showed Laura two enclosures w/native plants.  The hike was just shy of 6 miles.  Great day, high dark clouds, little heat to bring discomfort and in reality NO RAIN.  What more could a hiker want?

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