Secret Site #1 Clearing

Wednesday January 11th, 2012

Hike #4 - Total mils for year 18


Got a small crew together today to head up to Secret Site #1 for some clearing of weed growth.  Today it was Joseph, Gene, New John and myself.  We headed up Kalalula stream, climbed the waterfall and headed up the ridge to the side.  About 5 minutes below the site there was a major blow down at the very same spot where a big ironwood tree fell on the trail last year.  Lucky this time it was just a bunch of smaller branches we were able to clear w/loppers and a hand saw.  Below are two panorama, a before and an after.

Here are two more shots this time taken on the trail looking down the trail.  That's Gene in the second photo

The blow down cleared we headed up to the site.  Here is a before and after at the site.  On the Main Terrace I worked along the low edge clearing around the 8 Ki/Ti plants that border the lower edge.  I did this on my hands and knees up-rooting the satin leaf seedlings as well as the thimble berry plants.  John, Gene and Joseph worked on the upper terrace cutting w/loppers bigger growing coffee and satin leaf as well as moveing fallen branches from the site.  Their work is not as evident in these pictures, but we all worked there until noon.  We then continued along the WWW trail and came down Hobb's Ridge via the short cut.  We were back at my house just before 2 p.m.

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