Wai`anae Banana Harvest

Wednesday January 4th, 2012

Hike #2 - Total Miles for year = 11


Late last year we identified two bunches of bananas that would soon be ready to harvest from upper Wai`anae Valley.  After inviting the whole crew only Gene could make it.  We took off around 830 and headed up the paved road.  We took the Ramble Trail's "#5a Bail Out" trail to get to the upper valley.  Climbing out of Hiu gulch we noticed that someone added about another 100 feet of water hose to help w/the climb.  Panorama picture below shows in the foreground the 100' that has been in place for about 2 years.  On the far left you can see a hose going down and wrapping around a few trees and continuing across the picture to the right side.

Neither bunch was very big.  This is the first bunch, the smaller of the two.

This is the second bunch at a different spot.  A little larger w/more hands.

We cute the bananas off each hand for easier packing.  There were a number of earwigs running around on this bunch.  Below is a short 8 second video of one of the earwigs.


After loading our packs w/bananas we hiked deeper into the valley to where the vanilla vines grow and found this photo.

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