074 - Wai`anae Ramble

Wednesday December 8th, 2010


After "pooping out" Sunday I wanted to do a long, but not overly hard hike today.  The Wai`anae Ramble is about 6 miles and only the first mile is anywhere close to being hard.  Gene, Stanka and I did it and we can report the trail is in very good conditions.  There was very little blow down along the way and all the ropes/hoses put up by unknown hikers seem to be holding up OK.

The only problem was the additional ribbons placed along the trail by someone.  This trail is a loop and can be hiked in either direction.  It is well marked w/YELLOW markers.  Someone felt the need to add about 75 pink ribbons many tied to the same trees w/the yellow markers.  I REMOVED them all.

Wai`anae trails are all color coded and odd ball colors along the trail are not needed, they just add to confusion.

Here is a panorama taken of Wai`anae Valley from the ridge between Wai`anae and Lualualei.


From the same ridge this peak is Kamali`i.  I found the name in the old book "Sites of O`ahu".  It would be a real challenge for rock climbers if the rocks were hard enough to support that sport.  Good thing not, it's much more peaceful here w/out a lot of rock climbers hiking the trais.

Just another view of the valley from a different location along the trail.

There are few places along the trail w/views like those above.  But there are many other sights along the trail.  The vegitation although almost 99% exotic is still beautiful and always changing.  There is a section that the local hunters call "Bird Nest" because of the dozens of Bird Nest ferns growing there.  This is a native plant known in Hawaiian as Ekaha.

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