Water, Walls and Water TM

Sunday May 8th, 2010


Yes we are still working on this trail.  Building a new trail from scratch is a lot of work.  Today only Gene and I again.  Two small sections needed work.  One section needed total trail blazing trough tall grass, and another re-routing around a steep muddy slope.  Both worked out well. 

Here are two HIGH DEF videos on You Tube for you to watch.  The battery died before lunch so only two short videos.  I found software so I could edit the HD video on my own computer and I think it came out pretty good.  I'm using Coral Video Studio Pro X3.  It has a steep learning curve so I expect better films as I use it more. 

When you link to You Tube be sure to switch to HD if you have a LCD or Plasma monitor/TV.

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