W Cubed Right Hand Connector

7 April, 2010


Sometime last month Gene and I got the idea for a new hike in Wai`anae Valley.  The basics are going up one stream that runs 24/7 to the first Secret Site we found with it's fabulous stone walls.  We'd then contour across the valley to Secret Site Two and on the way we'd take in more stone walls.  Some pre-contact, some post-contact.  After SS #2 we'd begin to decend out of the valley but first passing more stone walls and then finish with on a trail that followes yet another stream that always has water flowing in it.

We already worked out the up and down stream sections.  Now to work on the section that would connect the two Secret Sites.  We would begin this section in the middle and work toward the right today.  Most of todays adventure was on pig trails that we began converting to human trails.

Here is a short 7 minute You Tube video .


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