Pu`u `O Kona

Sunday January 17, 2010


It's been a few years since I hiked this trail.  The last time was w/a bunch of Geocachers who were looking for a cache I hid up here the year before.  Not long ago it was reported that the cache was wet inside and really needed to be replaced.  So I got another ready to take up today.  This was an official hike of the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club that is now celebrating it's 100th year in existence.  Jane from Makaha came along w/me but "blasted" ahead w/some of the faster hikers and I didn't see her for about 1 hour.  We went up the switch backs on the south rim of Kuli`ou`ou Valley along the State Trail until we crested on the ridge leading to the summit.  This is quite steep and the elevation gain to the crest of the south ridge is about 1000'.   Here is an up and down shot from the same spot on one of the switch backs.  It is entirely a forest of exotic (not native to Hawai`i) trees and scrubs.  These are Cook Island Pines, the Hawaiian "Christmas Tree.

These are Iron Wood trees.