Makaha High Coffee House

Sunday February 15th, 2009

Most of the West Side Hikers were off to Kaena Point.  Jane and I did not want to walk out to the point so we decided to head to the High Coffee House site in Makaha and see what we could see.  Jane had not been to the High Site before and so we wandered around the site high on the ridge.  Then we decided to  head down on the steep western slope to look for bottles.  Jane discovered this clay pipe sticking out on high on the ridge slope .  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  some sort of drain?????

Following directions from Gene who we called we soon found ourselves down at the bottom of the slope.  Gene had been here a week or so ago w/some of the other hikers.  The two large objects seem to be made of cement and were perhaps once one piece and perhaps some sort of foundation/support for a wooden post.  There were also a few broken bottles and section of clay pipe that the earlier "visitors" found.  At the top center you can see just a little of a bamboo rake that we carried in to "sweep" leaves away as we looked for bottles as well as Jane's left foot and calf.