Wai`anae Secret Site

Wednesday February 4th, 2009

Our first trip to the Wai`anae Secret Site for the year 2009.  Last year we made 10 trips to the site and really cleared a lot.  Again, we believe this to be the "Chinese" camp for the Wai`anae Coffee Plantation and perhaps for the digging of two water tunnels for sugar that are close at hand.  This is the before shot for today.  If you are curious and want to follow the progress last year you'll have to return to my home page and check the links for 2008.

Most of the work was done on the upper section behind Stanka and Jane.  Way behind the area we are working on you can see a huge horizontal tree.  This big one came down sometime between our last trip which was December 31st and today.  We made a video of me cutting down and then trimming the downed tree.  Click HERE to see it.