Lualualei Lookout Again

Sunday September 14th, 2008

Short report.  After blasting out and doing a bit of ribbon hanging this past Wedensday, I returned alone to clear and ribbon better.

For those who have no idea what we are talking about when we say "The Jury Tree".  Here it is.  Some years ago one of the Wai`anae "boys" carved his name into the bark of a tree at an important junction.  I sprayed some paint in the carving to bring out his name.  REMEMEBER this place it is important when hiking the Wai`anae Ramble going Counter Clock Wise.

On the Lualualei Lookout ridge I heard a hissing sound and in time located a spray of water coming from a water pipe on the Naval Base.  Can you find it in the middle of this picture?

Here is a map of the Loop section of the upcoming Wai`anae Ramble.  On October 19th we'll hike up to Jury's Tree, then turn right and hike up to the Lualaulei Lookout.  At the Naval Sign we'll take the new loop trail back to Jury's Tree and then continue on the Ramble following YELLOW tags all the way to Ala Kepau Ridge which is my name for the ridge where the road ends.  The paved BWS road that is.  From there it is ORANGE tags back to the road and your car.  Understand now????????????  There are a number of BAIL OUT TRAILS along the ramble.  Each is marked w/ORANGE.  The first would be the one you took up to Jury's Tree.  The second is shown on this map and is called KUKAKI Bail out as that is the name of the stream it sort of follows.  I'll try to post more maps before Sunday the 19th showing the rest of the hike.

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