Palehu Loop

Sunday February 13th, 2005

Last year I spelled the name of this hike Palihua.  That was wrong, it's Palehua.  So thinking Pali as cliff, what is with pale?  Turns out it should be pronounced   PA LEHUA,   with a long  A  in the Pa.  It refers to the flowers of the Ohia Lehua tree, a Lehua enclosure, what ever that means.

I arrived at the end of Umena St at the top of Makakilo around 7:30 a.m.  As I put on my boots and gatters the rest of the TM crew began to arrive.  Ma, Mabel gathered her troops and gave us our intoduction to today work.  We then SUB/Truck pooled up to Palehua Road to the place where the hike would both begin and end.  I'm writting this one month after the clearing and I can't really remember who all attended.

Here is a link to last year's trail clearing:

After GPS readings taken on the clearing and the club hike I came up with this map of the loop.