Gene and Alan and discovered a spot w/a great view that needed to have a bench to sit on to enjoy the view.  This is a report on the construction of the bench and the creation of LAMA LOOKOUT.  The name comes from the fact that most of the trees in the area are the Hawaiian Native known as LAMA.  Directly behind and giving the bench shade is a really big Lama tree.   It's exact location is being kept secret w/the knowledge limited to those of the CHASM hiking group.

   Here is the view minus the ridge peaks which would give away it's location.   What's really great about the view is that there is no sign of civilization.  No homes, no power lines, just good old HAWAI`I.

Four of us packed the supplies needed.  Gene had the cement in a bucket as well as tools.  Alan carried a 2" x 8" board that was 6' long which would be the seat.  Tony carried a 4" x 4" that was 5' long.  This would be cut in two to make the main supports. And I being the Sr member only had to carry a 2" x 4" board that was 4 feet long.  This would also be to support the seat.  The following pictures show the steps in construction.  Gene did most of the work while we gave him moral support and adivse.  LOL


   A weeks or so later Gene returned and added a back to the bench.


   Now the hike to the lookout is pretty short about 1.4 hours and only the last 15 minutes have any real elevation gain so it was decided that the trail leading to the lookout should be extended to create a loop hike back down the the main trail.  We are calling the loop the Orchid Loop because we found dozens of orchids which we have not seen anywhere else in the valley.  None were in flower but some had "expired" seed pods.  We have know idea what type of orchid they are but they seem to like to grow on Christmas Berry trunks.  Here are a few photos taken along the Orchid Loop.  Someday we hope to find one or more in flower so we can identify it/them.

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