Clearing Ka`ala Stream to Ka`ala Falls

Part One

Monday March 11th, 2013

Hike #16 - 3.77 Miles - 70 Miles This Year 


Sunday was rainy so I decided to hike on Monday when I saw it was dry.  Since this has been a wetter year than last I thought it would be a good year to hike to Ka`ala Falls and so I began to clear the path as I had not been there since last year.  There are 8 falls along the stream the 8th being almost 200' high.  This is the first fall.

Last year some one tied some black webbing to assist climbing around the first fall.  Well someone else wanted the webbing as you can see it was cut quite short.  Buggers.

After a few hundred yards the water was gone, guess it went underground.

There were sections with many Ti plants broken off.  Looks like an elephant wandered through the area.  LOL

Some animal had chewed up the ends of the Ti leaves.

A pig dug around the base of this Ti and then knocked the plant down.  It then proceeded to chew on the starchy underground stem section.

There was one rock cliff that was covered in Maiden Hair Ferns w/little drops of water on them.

About a hundred yards below the second fall the water was again on the surface.  This is the second fall known as Horse Shoe Falls due to the shape of the walls on both sides.

To get past the second fall I had to back track and then climb to the ridge crest.  Once on the crest I followed it up almost to it's end.  As I went up the ridge I cut back and cleared.  This is the largest Bird Nest Fern I've ever seen.  Look carefully and you can see my hand saw laying on one of the fronds.

Over a hundred years a go some dummy thought it would be nice to grow the Florida Black Berry in Hawai`i.  Well the dam thing has gone wild in the upper reaches of ridges below Mt. Ka`ala and it has nasty little thorns.  It does have a nice flower though.

Here is a shot of one side of Bolo Head.

There is a beautiful native forest up here.  This is the Wai`anae version of Halapepe.  One year I saw it in fruit.


Through a break in the vegetation I was able to get a slight view of Ka`ala Falls.


On the way down I spotted the top of the Tiki Ridge hike.


Clearing Ka`ala Stream to Ka`ala Falls

Part Two

Thursday March 28th, 2011

Hike # 21 - 4.2 Miles - Total Miles For Year 89.5


Today Liz and Alan (a visitor from Colorado) helped finish the clearing of this hike.  We started by heading up the ridge I've been calling Ka Alapau as it is the trail going up after the end of the road.  At about 10 a.m. we reached the down trail that took us to the stream at the top of Horse Shoe Falls.  After a short break we headed down the long rope section to the stream.

This picture is me at the bottom of Horse Shoe Falls taken a few weeks earlier.

While Liz was coming down I took a look down Horse Shoe Falls.

Here comes Liz.

While Alan came down Liz also took a peak over the falls.

Just a few minutes up stream we ran into the bigest blockage of the day.  A tree high on the left side had it's roots come loose and down into the stream came the top.  We cut a tunnel thru it as we were worried if we cut to much the trunk might slide down and really block the stream or pin us to the right wall. 

This was a fun fall to climb going part way up using the tree trunk.  Thankfully some one left some webbing to aide in the climb.

The first view of the majestic Ka`ala Falls.  It's about 200' feet in height.

A little closer.  This is the most water I've seen coming down the falls.  Check out the video link right HERE for more information about the hike and the different falls along the way to the big fall at the end.

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