Secret Site #1 - Coconut

Sunday April 1st, 2012

Hike #20 - 104 miles this year


Started today at the Forestry Gate going up the paved road to the first well.  It was HOT today so I went to the well to wet my head.  Then I doubled back and took the Small Mt trail to the stream then went up the exit trail for the Water Works Trail.  At the Big Rocks I switched to the Wai`anae Ramble Trail and then after crossing the two stream took the plantation trail to SS.  After clearing there I continued mauka and turned left at the junction and began clearing.  I continued on this trail crossing one dry stream bed and then topped out on the next ridge which I then took pretty much straight down to my truck.

This is a panorama of the upper terrace at the site  which I believe to have been the Japanese camp for the coffee workers and also for those that dug the three tunnels in the area.

Close up of the young coconut tree growing at the site.

Close up of the young Lonomea tree.

Some fungus growing mauka of the site.

I began clearing to the left at the junction above the site.  I believed this was an old coffee plantation trail.  This was the first of two blow-downs I had to clear.  Notice my orange hand saw on the horizontal log.  Sorry about the second photo being blurry, but you can again see the hand saw on the log on the right of the picture.

The second blow-down was about 5 feet from the first.  Again before and afte photos.

When I got down to the dry stream bed I noticed a stone retaining wall on the far side.  Looking carefully at it I noticed that it continued across the stream.  This confirms my theory that this was a plantation trail and the walls were built to hold up the trail.  This trail is most likely over 100 years old.

Topping out on the next ridge I headed down.  Part way down the ridge I came across more stone work from the plantation days.  This is a stone lined pit.  There are walls on three sides.  It's full of heavy duty tarps from what I think once was a pakalolo camp back in the 1980's.

Part way down a side trail to Kalalula Stream I wandered through a forest of Formosian Koa in full bloom.

I started down at 1:10 and reached my turck at 2:10.  Had a good productive day.

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