Makaha Long Tunnel

Wednesday 22 October, 2008

This would be the second trip to the Makaha Long Tunnel for Dan, Gene and myself.  A first time for Dianne and Chung.  This tunnel was dug by the Wai`anae Sugar Plantation some time prior to 1935.  It is at an altitude of about 2100 feet and is 1400 feet long.  It seems the tunnel was a bust and yielded only a gallon a minute on January 19th, 1932.

This time we started from Wai`anae, which means we had to climb 2000' in elevation to gain the crest of Kamaileunu Ridge and then drop into Makaha.  Last week Gene was doing some exploring along Kumaipo Stream and discovered some things and today we'd enter the forest before the paved road ends to check them out.

The first item was a series of deep pits in a massive boulder field.  One for sure looked like the stones were placed around it by humans.  But for what reason?