We reached Jury's Tree in about 55 minutes from the trail head and took a five minute break there.  Jane's picture.

Then it was on the Ramble for a while until we reached the Star Trek trail head which is NOT marked.  About 10 minutes up the trail we pass this huge boulder which I've been calling Pohaku Nui 3.

Around 10:20 we reached the "snack spot" where we always rest and have something to eat.  We've been going for about 1 1/2 hours and are right on track.  Here we are relaxing and I'm checking my cell phone for reception.

 Above the snack spot the REAL climb begins.  We enter Star Trek Valley and begin using ropes.  Here Jane is on the first rope.  Since Stanka slipped here on the way down this past June I've decided to call this rope the "Stanka Slide".