CRider Falls

28 March, 2007

I've been trying to get people to come up to CRider Falls since Dan and I first discovered it in November of 2005.  For that story check out:

Today a few of the "Hoots" came along as well as my friend Mike C. and his son Mikey.  I'm writing this 4 months after it happened so it will be short as I don't think I can remember to many details.  We began around 8:20 at the Forestry gate in upper Wai`anae Valley.  In less than 1/2 of an hour we left the road and headed up the trail that is marked w/PINK markers.  Here are a few shots taken before we crossed the Wai`anae Ramble Trail at about 1600' elevation.

That's Mike and Mikey

The young and the old!