Aloha, I live on the island of O`ahu, in the state of Hawai`i. The west side where I live is one of the driest areas on this island.  We have very dry summers with little or no rain.  Our rain, if it comes, comes in the winter.  Down along the beach it is a desert with less than 20 inches (51 cm) of rain a year.  Up the valley about 2 1/2 miles (3.85 km)  where I live at an elevation of about 280 feet (85 m) its a little wetter.  Not much maybe 35 inches  in an average year. 

   But we haven't had that average year much lately.   2004 was very wet, we had over 56 inches (142 cm.) and 2005 we had about 35 inches( 89 cm.).  There are always the exceptional days.   Check out this link to see monthly totals.  In the month of November in 1996 we had 22 1/2 inches (57 cm) in 12 days.  In  January of 2004 we had 7.75  inches (19.6 cm) in one day.  The year 2007 was very dry with a little over 24 1/2 inches of rain.  So far 2008 is looking dry, but to tell the truth we've been getting more rain than shows in the gauge.  Sometimes it rains but is not enough to resister but it is enough to keep the ground damp   There have been cool cloudy days also.

2008 wasn't much until Dec. 11th when we had over 9 inches during the night which caused flooding all over the island. 

2009 has been the driest year since I've been keeping records.

2010 more than twice as much rain as 2009, but still about 6" below average.

To find out what the weather is like here in Wai`anae just CLICK HERE and link to an automated weather station at an eleveation of 1000' above sea level.  That's 600 feet higher than my home.