Rhapis excelsa 'varigata' -  Lady Palm

This is interesting.  I read in a book that Raphis excelsa has never been found in the wild.  At least not since "we" were writing down where we found palms.  It is believed that it comes from the souther parts of China and the island of Taiwan.

It forms dense clumps and under the right conditions makes a great hedge with stems up to 10 feet tall.  There are "many" different varigated cultivars of this popular palm.  I have no idea what the name of mine might be.

I bought this years ago at a local plant sale for $20 in a 1 gallon pot.  It grew a bit in the pot but was not well taken care of.  The first picture is after 1 year in the ground. (2006)

After another year it has really come along way.  Not a great change in height, but it shows growth in the shoots and in color.