Pseudophoenix sargentii

This palm is indigenous to the Florida Keys and many Caribian islands as well as the coast of Mexico.  It's trunk may reach heights of 25 feet with diameters of up to 1 foot.  They often have a bulge around 1/2 way up the trunk.  I is drought tolerant and loves full sun.

This palm is growing nicely here and for a while was in the full sun.  Now it is getting surrounded by shade producing trees and a few palms.  It was a seed in 2001 and went in the ground in 2003.  It blends in nicely w/the grass weeds in this picture.

By 2005 it no longer looked like a weed.

And in December of 2008 it is really looking good.

Now another 3 years passes it's February of 2010, it's no longer in full sun, but full shade due to the planting of trees that grew like crazy.  Seems happy in the shade.