Pritchardia martii - Lo`ulu Hiwa

Endemic to the island of O`ahu, and to the Ko`olau Mts.  There seems to be a small population in the southern Wai`anae Mts. as well.  This palm shows a lot of variety in it's growth depending on where it is growing.  I have in habitat in the Ko`olau Mts. seen these growing on slopes of perhaps 45 degrees on the windward side of the summit and only having about 4 feet of trunk.  Others in valleys along streams where there is lots of soil to grow in have trunks reaching over 30 feet in the air.

I don't remember where mine came from, probably some plant sale.  Not sure when I bought it either.  The first picture has two dates on it November of 1998 and 1999.  I'm not sure which is correct.

Here it is about 9 years later in Feb of 2008