Livistona chinensis - Chinese Fan Palm

This is a large massive fan palm that grows naturally in open woodlands on Taiwan and the southern islands of Japan.  It's trunk can reach heights of 40 feet and a diameter of 1 foot.  It has become naturalized in the forests behind Honolulu and may be considered a pest by some.  The thorns on it's petioles can be nasty when they "grab" you.

I bought mine from a guy selling out of a container that he brought over from the "Big Island".  He called his company "Big Island Palm" and usually could be found in portions of a parking lot across the highway from the Pearl Ridge shopping center.  I believe it was in 1998 when I picked it up.

Here it is in December of 2000.  I see a pick and an empty pot in the background so perhaps this is when I planted it.

And again in July of 2005.  It has been in a lot of shade and the petioles are getting long.