Kong Hill Terrace

During the summer of 2005 I began working way in the back of my lot clearing a hill side and making terraces which would hold shade trees and palms that like part to full shade.  In mid September I began working on another hillside that would mostly be planted w/sun loving palm and perhaps a tree or two.  As I cleared the dried grass I noticed that perhaps someone in the past had terraced it.  So I worked on what I found and began converting it to "my" idea of a terrace.  That means planting terraces with narrow walking terraces between them.   I call this terrace the "Kong Hill Terrace" because my neighbor above it is Mr. Kong.

Here is the first photo (panorama) showing a few hours of weed wacking w/my gas powered wacker.  Remember these panorama shots will require you to use the scroll bar at the bottom of your screen and perhaps the one on the right as well.

A few days later more weed wacking, raking the cut grass and doing some work on the existing terraces I wound up w/this view.