Fiddle Wood Terraces

At least 10 years ago I began terracing the sides of my "little valley"  Looking up "stream" the Fiddle Wood tree is planted and producing nice shade along w/a Rainbow Shower and something know as a "Sandbox Tree".  I just about 3/4 finished the terraces years ago and just a few weeks ago went back, cleared the weeds and began stacking rocks again.  Here is a small panorama of the area in question.

It still looks like "hell" but it's getting better.  The two palms on the left were bought as Wasu Palms, but there is nothing on the internet about such a palm.  Two people who know palms a lot better than I think they are Hydriastele beguinii.  Close-ups below.  On the right above the orange tool box is a long but narrow terrace.  A good friend gave me some plants Sunday and three were young Zamia standleyi.  They are planted there, again see below for better pictures.

Here are the Zamia standleyi and a standard coffee cup for sizing them.  I planted them yesterday and today I cut all that tall grass behind.  Should have waited a day for this picture......

Ok, here is the close-up of the Hydriastele beguinii and below that some zooms on characteristics of the palm.  It's true identity may have to wait a few years.

This past Thursday I was over on the Windward side and stopped off at Ko`olau Farm, both shops, one in Kailua the other in Kane`ohe.  It was in the Kane`ohe store that I found the above palms and this Calyptrocalyx awa.  It is planted in the same bed as the Fiddlewood tree, just to it's left.  I'll have to "drop" back someday and get a better picture of the whole area.

Some plants really take off and other take for ever.  Back in January of 2009 I bought two seedling Caryota ophiopellis (Snake Skin) from Floribunda.  This is what they looked like a year and 7 months ago.

And today one planted on the right of the Fiddlewood Tree looks like this: