Dypsis decaryi - Triangle Palm

Another endemic palm to the island of Madagascar where it grows in dry forests.  This specie is threatened due to it's small native habitat and because many, many seeds are collectedfor export.  Under cultivation this palm will reach 25 feet with a trunk diameter of 20 inches.

I think this was raised from seed, but I can't remember.  I had one from Kapoho Palms that I bought in 1998.  It grew fantasticly and then one day when it had about 1 foot of trunk with a diameter of perhaps 8-10 inches it up and died.  It rotted at ground level.  I have not planted anything in that spot, it's been about 3 years.

Anyway to get back to the seed I sprouted, it went in the ground in the fall of 2006.

Here it is in February of 2008.