Car Port Terrace

Well to tell the truth I don't have a car port.  But if I did it would be to the right of this terrace.  Years ago I cleared it and planted in a row the following from left to right:

Veitchia arecina - Adonidia merrillii - Veitchia joannis - Adonidia merrillii - Veitchia arecina.

They are all growing quite well and have been in the ground at least ten years.  All have set seed except the V. joannis.  The birds also planted a Java Plum tree there.

Over the past ten years it has gone back to nature and I decided it was time to reclaim this useable space.  Here is a short pictorial history of the project.

Before, lots of tall grassy weeds and a lot of junk on the right. 

The first step was to get in with the weed whacker and cut what grass I could from the base of the 5 palms.