The Falls of Ohikilolo

March 6th, 2014


While I was entertaining my sister and brother-in-law Gene'o and the Surfer Dude explored below the big Pohaku (boulder) and discovered two water falls which they are calling "The Falls of Ohikilolo".  The upper fall must be at least 40' while the lower one is perhaps 15'.  I returned w/Gene'o and snapped a few pictures as we cleared some of the Christmas Berry blocking the view of the upper falls.  Not much water was flowing so I doubt if you'll really be impressed.  They also cleared a new trail down along Ohikilolo Stream and created a loop.  It's marked in Orange on the map below as well as w/Orange ribbons.

The upper falls w/just a trickle of water.

The lower fall, hard to see any water, flows over this huge chunk of solid rock.  You can see there are a lot of Christmas Berry that need cutting.  Some  pretty thick and will need a chain saw to cut them.  Someday we hope you can see both falls w/o the Christmas Berry blocking the view.

Here is the map.