Campsite - Part Two

Thursday April 11th 2013

Hike # 25 - 1.98 miles - Year total = 110.5


At what shall remain an undisclosed location I'm clearing an area that seems like it would make a great camp site.  It's just above a running stream on a very level piece of land.  It was covered w/coffee and satin leaf trees.  There were a few dead trees I believe to be Haole Koa.  I've located a spot where I'd like to build a lean-to.  There is lots of room for more than one.  The main one will have a beautiful view down to the stream which flows all year long.  With a water filter there would be no need to carry extra water.  Below are a series of panorama pictures each taken about an hour apart.  I work for about 50 minutes cutting trees w/either my loppers or hand saw and dumping the cuttings on the far side of the clearing.  Then I'd take about a 10 minute break and begin again.  At noon I'd take an hour break and just relax listinging to the birds singing and the sound of running water.

Remember, these are panorama pictures each larger than your screen, so you'll have to use the scroll arrow at the bottom to see the changes on the right side of the clearing.  In the far right you'll see some of the longer, thicker, straighter trees I'm saving for construction.

9 a.m.

10 a.m.

11 a.m.


2 p.m.

I do believe the first lean-to will be right there.

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