Secret Site #4 Clearing

Thursday April 28th, 2013

Hike #11 = 40 Miles This Year


Just Gene and I today, not sure what everyone else is up to.  We hiked up the road to save time, busted thru head high grass grown in since the summer fire.  At SS#4 we slowly began clearing the Mauka (east) wall of the smaller enclosure today.  Cutting grass, coral berry and haole koa back about 3' from the wall.  Here is the picture report.  Location is still a SECRET.

We worked today along the wall on the left side of the picture.  Sorry bout the sun glare in the lens.

Perhaps an hour later.  We only used a hand saw to cut the haole koa and that is a slow job on those  about 6" in diameter.  We left a Satin Leaf tree to spread out and give some shade.

Another hour's work.  At times I was on my hands and knees pulling grass and coral berry plants out by the roots.

This is the far corner of the small enclosure's mauka wall.  From here the outer wall makes a 90* turn left and begins the outer wall of the bigger enclosure.  We'll begin on that next time we come back.

Looking back to the starting point about noon.

Near the starting point of today's clearing are these two large pohaku (stones).  The back one had something interesting perhaps carved into it.

This is the "back" pohaku.

This is the "interesting" thing that may have been carved into the pohaku.  Kinda looks like a face/head to me.  We treated it gently as we cleared around it.

That's it folks!

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