CRider Falls

January 30th, 2013


I'm writing this in March of 2014 so sorry if I don't remember a lot about the day.  I don't even remember the two people who hiked w/me today.  They were friends of someone, but I can't remember who either.  LOL  CRider Falls in Wai`anae Valley is an intermediate hike w/some easy rope work at the upper portions.  The falls flow all year but are best in the winter after a heavy rain.  But there is the danger of falling rock when you are at the base of the big fall.

Once you finnaly get to the area w/flowing water you begin to see small falls that get larger/higher as you go deeper into the falley.  This is the first fall, more of a series of small falls. 

The second is Ape Falls and is about 20' high.  It's a bit off the trail in a little "valley".

Still higher is Pakalolo Camp Falls, maybe 30' in height

The first view of CRider Falls

As we get closer the valley narrow w/100+ foot walls all around you.

Finally after the third rope climb you are at CRider Falls.  It way over 100' in height.

To bad, at the foot of the falls I spotted this banana tree knocked over. Must have been a big water flow or a big wind.

Really "too bad" as these bannas will never be eaten by anyone.  You can see by my foot they are way to small.

In a "near by" valley we found more bananas.  This time they were ready to harvest, and we did.

I made a short video and you can see it here on You Tube.  It's a high def movie so take advantage of that.