Hiking with Jill

January 17th, 2013

Hike #5 - 3.7 miles - Year total 21.9


My sometimes hiking companion Jill has had some physical problems and today we took an easy hike in Wai`anae Valley to begin her return to hiking.  We used portions of a number of different trails today.  Since Wai`anae trails are color coded, and we used parts of many trails I decided to call this  the RAINBOW HIKE.

Last year I began making some small dams along Kanewai Stream and planting Kalo (taro) in the small ponds created by the dams.  This photo shows what two of the ponds looked like today.  The picture below is what they looked like in October of 2012 when I planted the Kalo.  If we don't have any flash floods the Kalo should really be looking good in another year.


This is upstream from the first two dams.  This is a larger and deeper pond but I did not plant anything in it.  Plan to use it to cool off after a hot summer hike.

Last year Tony and Schofield Steve carried two 7 foot tall but skinny banana trees down from a higher patch and planted them here.  I tied them w/support string because there is really no root system to support them.  The are really looking good right now.  I really don't expect any bananas from these two, but from their off-spring I hope to be eating bananas in about 3 years.

This mushroom was spotted by Jill as we walked up the trail.  It's common name is Starfish or Stink Horn.  It's botanical name is Aseroe ruba and here is a short video you might find interesting.


Not sure why I only took these few photos, but that's it folks.

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